What is EENDAG?

EENDAG is a unique movie series that chronicles the life of a robot designer called Kevin Sweefarend.

Kevin has the life dream of creating robots that will elevate mankind to a better life. More specifically, he believes each human being can have a robot "avatar" that represents them in the work force.

By renting out these programmable workerbots to companies, instead of their physical selves, each person can still earn an income, yet have their time free to pursue their life dreams, instead of having to forsake their true visions for their lives in favor of earning money to just survive all the time.

An example of Kevin's idea of a programmable robot that a worker can save up to buy and then rent the robot out to the employer to do the work, leaving the worker mostly free to pursue their life dreams whilst funding themselves with the income generated by the robot worker

Kevin of course dreams of being the original creator of these avatar laborbots that people can buy to work in their stead.

Things however go haywire when Kevin finds that somewhere in the future, his robots become the evil hijacked slaves of an evil force bent on controlling not only the world, but the entire universe.

Now Kevin spends his life trying to fight this evil force, which manifests itself over time as Muyz Systems among others, in order to make sure that his robotic creations don't end up actually making things worse for mankind.

It's not an easy mission, and it's made even more difficult by the fact that Kevin and some of his creations, more specifically the Kronobotz, have somehow discovered the secrets of time travel, something else that makes him and his creations of even more interest to evil forces.

It's a never-ending battle between good and evil, with evil always trying to convince good into a collaboration, and being impatient in its quest.

Who's going to win this war? Well, while we wait to find out, let's enjoy all the adventures and stories contained in the chronicles of EENDAG.


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