KEVIN SWEEFAREND / Marius Mooikasteel

Kevin Sweefarend / Marius Mooikasteel

Kevin Sweefarend is a robot designer who once had the dream to create robots that could help advance mankind beyond their dreams. By designing benevolent robots that could take over the daily toil, Kevin was hoping to provide mankind the opportunity to have the free time to chase their life dreams.

Things however did not go as planned and Kevin had to learn that there are those who like to have power over mankind, and what better way than to corrupt the very robots that Kevin planned to create, and turn them into accomplices of Muyz Systems, an evil computer business whose masters, Madman Uys and his grandson Muyz, who plan to control not only the world, but the entire universe.

Kevin now spends his life living throug the troubles Muyz Systems throw into his path in order to coerce him into designing robots for them, and by carefully managing living the present, Kevin tries to avoid future problems that his creations might cause.

At some point, Kevin decided that it might be easiest to just give up on his robot designing dream altogether, in order to make it impossible for any robotically related problems in the future to arise. That is why he decided to pursue a modeling career, which for some reason just became a big thing overnight, thanks to a hidden hand. However, as much as Kevin loved the experience, he soon learned that he can't be anything other than he is, and he will have to be what he was meant to be.

Does Kevin have any superpowers? Just one perhaps, which he doesn't know how to control yet: He sometimes manages to time travel. He doesn't know how it works, but in very rare situations, he manages to do it. He does know that his creation, the Kronobot, will one day be able to time travel, because the time traveling robot visits him in the present a few times to cause trouble.

Kevin Sweefarend is portrayed by Marius Mooikasteel.

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