Shooting the scene: Waking up in a desolate world

Shooting the scene of the Kevbot waking up on top of a mountain in the middle of the wilderness, was both hard work and quite a great adventure!

To see the scene in question, have a look at it here:

One of the challenges was of course the time it takes place. This scene needed to take place before sunrise, and then show the sun rising, and then have some of it happening after the sun has risen. In other words, the timing had to be perfect.

And so, actor and filmmaker Marius Mooikasteel had to get up around 3:30 in the morning in order to go get showered and ready to start walking to the location. Because this scene takes place on top of a canyonic mountain, it required manual climbing and could not be accomplished by driving there. This walk alone took almost one and a half hours of time.

In the words of Marius Mooikasteel, "The climb was murder on my calves because the ground was always at an incline and I could never just stand with my feet on a level surface. My calves burned like fire.

I had to carry filmmaking equipment and a backpack, and the shoes I was wearing was no good at all. It's not the shoes Kevbot wears in the scene - those shoes had to be kept clean and saved for the actual scene.

My feet were really hurting really badly, but there was no time to cry or stop for long because the sun would be rising soon and if any time is wasted, the timing of it all wouldn't work out and all would be spoiled."

Eventually though, the location was finally reached and Marius Mooikasteel could get dressed in the right costuming from head to toe and the cameras were ready to roll.

In the end, everything seemed to work out great, and the timing really perfect, so all is well that ends well.

Some trouble would follow later though, but that's for another story.


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